A beautiful lady named Rhonda Hoffman is part of the Lifespring Church family. Recently she competed a book that I know will be an encouragement to you. Illness affects many of us with aging parents. Take a look! It is available on Amazon, Indio and Barnes and Nobles.

“A familiar stranger. That is who my mom became as dementia slowly took hold of her. She was someone I knew and loved but not the same person she had been. A profound sadness hit me when I realized that my daughters may one day have to deal with me in this same condition and I wanted them to know that who I become if this happens is not really who I am. The things I will say and do will be coming from someone who has gradually become a stranger to them.

Everything about our life together will change when I have nowhere to go and all day to get there forgetting that they still have commitments, appointments and things to do. We will experience a sense of time travel as my memories from the past become jumbled up in the happenings of each new day. The change in my language could bring about surprising and sometimes disturbing conversations as the filters from the past wane and they see me in my uncut glory.

This is a love letter of instruction to my daughters while I am able to express myself fully and includes prompts for you to do the same for your children or to chronicle meaningful times in the lives of your parents before the chance is lost forever.”

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