About Us

We Are Here To Serve

In these days of an ever changing social and moral landscape, Lifespring Church is a place you can go that will provide a stable and caring atmosphere. It’s a place where you can grow in grace, develop spiritual vitality and discover the richly vibrant life that Jesus promised. We believe that through the power of God’s Word and His Spirit people can be changed, communities transformed and every person empowered to reach their God-given potential.

We believe that God has a wonderful plan for every person. We also believe that you haven’t really lived until you discover that plan and then intentionally draft your life around it. Most everyone we meet wants to know God and wants more to their life than just a job, a nice home, or a vacation. They know there is something more out there, but they just can’t seem to find it.

The key to this missing ingredient is a vibrant and personal relationship with Jesus Christ who is the Original Designer of a life well lived. The more we get to know Him, the more of a vibrant life we will discover. It is our sincere prayer that you will put your trust in Him, rise above the ordinary and grab hold of more than you could have ever imagined.

Our Pastor

As a third generation pastor, Emilie Carothers has grown to be the person she is today from watching and learning others.  From singing in the church choirs and musical productions, to teaching Sunday school and leading youth groups and ladies’ ministry groups, she has had her hand in various church ministries. 


During her high school and Bible College training, she pursued a ministry to the hearing impaired, and as a result, her first experience as an assistant pastor was in a church for the hearing impaired.  While at Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, Pastor Emilie taught sign language to the hearing and Bible classes to the deaf students.


While at college, Pastor Emilie met and married George Carothers.  Together they enjoyed over 30 years of marriage and ministry until the Lord called him home in November 2017.   She has three grown and married sons (and two granddaughters), who together with their wives are all serving the Lord.


Pastor Emilie has a love for the Lord, His Word, and people.  It is her passion that others would have a hunger and desire for a deeper, more intimate walk with their Saviour.  It is a joy for her to be “doing life together” with the Lifespring Church family.

Lifespring Church Pastor Emilie Carothers

Our Elders

At Lifespring Church, we practice a governance model of a relational eldership that requires a greater level of character and commitment from each elder, while providing a greater level of strength and stability for the church.


While utilizing the balance of staff and non-staff elders, we believe the primary function of the eldership of the church is for inspiration, instruction and correction.

Pastor Emilie Carothers

Dan Smith

Bruce Wilson

Joel DeOtter

Our Leadership

At Lifespring Church we believe in the power of a team. We practice the mending, modeling and mentoring leadership model. We believe that ministry does not just flow out of a wealth of talent or experience. We believe that true ministry, spiritual ministry that is lasting, flows out of a wellspring of Christ-like character. Thus, all of our leaders have gone through an extensive relational training program in addition to more formalized training experiences.