Tribute to Pastor George Johnson

It was in 1993 during the time my husband, George, and I ministered at Christ For The Nations Institute in the Vancouver, British Columbia area that we met Pastor George […]

When I’m Not Me Anymore

A beautiful lady named Rhonda Hoffman is part of the Lifespring Church family. Recently she competed a book that I know will be an encouragement to you. Illness affects many […]

A Little Balm and a Little Honey

On Sunday, April 29th, 2018, Harvey Riehl-Tonn shared a message with Lifespring Church during our Celebration Service. Sadly the recording of the message did not come out clearly enough to […]

A Tribute To George Carothers

Dearest Congregation, We live in a fallen world that includes pain and suffering, and today is no exception. This morning our beloved Pastor George left his temporary home for his […]

Keep Judgments To Yourself!

Have you ever heard the phrase “Talk about the pot calling the kettle black”? It is an expression that has its origins in Spanish literature dating back to the 1600s […]

What Is Love?

Have you ever asked this question: What is love? Many think love is the emotional exchange that takes place between two people. Many others believe love is the bond that […]

Give yourself a lift by lifting others.

A number of months ago the Lord put this theme on my heart for our church – “Give Yourself a Lift!“ There are a number of ways you can elevate […]

Why Should I Go To Church?

Have you ever done something so many times that it began to lose its sense of purpose? Like brushing your teeth, or using sunscreen, or saying “I love you”? Have […]

Multitudes In The Valley Of Decision

I believe that we are living in the days prophesied by the prophet Joel. As I read through this small book in the Old Testament, I glimpse picture after picture […]