It was in 1993 during the time my husband, George, and I ministered at Christ For The Nations Institute in the Vancouver, British Columbia area that we met Pastor George and Joyce Johnson.  They had moved into Vancouver to pastor the church that was at that time called Fraserview Assembly (today called Harvest City Church).

Pastor George Johnson made quite the impact on my husband with all the wealth and depth of his ministry experience and wisdom.  We often called upon him to minister at the college to our “ministers-in-training”, and Pastor George often invited us to minister in word and with music at his church.

Often when ministry paths lead people away from the area they both reside in, the relationships more or less fall away.  This was not the case with the relationship we had with Pastor George Johnson.  He and my husband remained close and often chatted about the situations that arise in ministry.  Pastor George had such a fathering way to my husband, and always seemed to be able to encourage him and motivate him the work of God.

In 2013 when Lifespring Church was birthed, Pastor George Johnson was an obvious choice to call upon for his advice.  At that time the elders and my husband chose him as the apostolic elder for Lifespring Church.  Phone calls and emails went back and forth between the two Pastor Georges.  A mutual respect and admiration was there, a real father/son sort of relationship.

Then in November of 2017, upon the home-going of my husband, there began a father/daughter type of mentorship role.  Lifespring Church again reached out to the apostolic oversight from Pastor George Johnson.  True to his calling and anointing, Pastor George was a wealth of wisdom and guidance to the church reeling from loss, and a comfort and encouragement to me.

In April 2018, Pastor George Johnson was voted in as the head of the elder board of Lifespring Church and continued as the apostolic voice for the church.  There was again many phone conversations and emails back and forth.  Pastor George and Joyce were able to visit with me and with the church family on occasion.

Sadly, on December 19, 2019, Pastor George Johnson went to be with the Lord after a struggle with cancer.  I am sure that the Lord welcomed him into his eternal rest with the words, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.  Enter into your reward.”

Pastor George Johnson will be greatly missed by me, and the Lifespring Church family.  We pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit on his wife, Joyce, the family, and the church in Vancouver that called him their pastor for about 28 years.

He was a gift from God to us at Lifespring Church and we thank the Lord for the way He directs the paths of the righteous.  Lifespring Church is better because of knowing Pastor George Johnson.

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