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Word of Breakthrough

Whatever you postpone, you will usually abandon. That which is right for the present time will probably be in the wrong time at a later date. To do something five years later rather than five years earlier is a recipe for frustration and failure.

Movies sometimes dramatize a man and woman who almost married at a young age. They married someone else, were widowed and then find each other again. Although the movies show them picking up where they left off when they parted years ago, real life does not usually work that way. Over the years their lives changed, they grew apart and developed new paths in life. After so many years it is almost impossible for them to begin at the place they abandoned in the past.


Like the couple who failed to pursue a life together at the right time, don’t miss the right time to pursue your vision. Postponing the pursuit of your vision at the right time risks the potential of abandoning the vision altogether. Let this be the right time to pursue rather than to postpone.


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